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Attract and Retain Talent to grow your business

Attract the right people   It takes a lot of effort to attract and recruit people to your company, not to mention the cost that is usually associated with recruitment. Imagine how great life would

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Play at work to increase results

Play in the workplace doesn’t mean less work We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing” George Bernard Shaw Play isn’t just fun.  Everyone understands

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Intimidating or misunderstanding?

Intimidating Managers This week I attended a presentation on dignity in the workplace hosted by MFG solicitors.  We discussed the legal position of bullying and harassment and the impact individuals

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Pay it forward – the gift of great leaders

Pay it forward – The gift of the leader Remember what is was like in your twenties, when you first entered the workplace.  Everything was new and exciting.  You went boldly into the world, with

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Leaders. Don’t find them – create them.

It all starts with leaders It should be easy to attract, develop and retain leaders.  After all, there are millions of books, paper and blogs on how to be a leader, more information than you can possibly

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