One to one private  leadership coaching

It's time to redesign the life you want and dreamed of. 

Our clients are successful professionals who have the dream life on paper, but somehow things don't feel as great as they imagined. They are in the biggest roles of their lives so far, failure is not an option and they are under enormous pressure to keep going. They are resisting making big decisions, constantly weighing up the pros and cons and remaining stuck. One to one private leadership coaching is here to support you.

Leading to:

- Impatience
- Dropping the ball
- Stressed
- Feeling like they are letting people down, especially the ones they care about the most.
One to one leadership coaching

Our Clients Motivation


They want to step up, take control and succeed in a new role and know they need to develop themselves. They know they are ready for the next role and want to succeed.


They stepped up and now they realise it's not how they thought it would be. They are having to make important decisions and feel overwhelmed. They realise there are some areas where they can develop and want to do it fast.


They feel trapped in a job, a career or a life that doesn't make them happy anymore. They may feel stuck or demotivated and know there is something else calling them.

One to One Leadership Coaching

One to one leadership coaching is a fast tracked way for YOU to get clear on where you are now, where you want to be and the blocks and barriers you have that stand in your way. Together with your coach you will get total clarity and reconnect with your values, purpose and vision of success, and then create a strategy to achieve it.

You bring the topic or area of development, and with your coach you will explore your strengths, limiting beliefs, limitations and blocks and explore solutions. You upskill, step up and take control with passion, flow and excitement. 

Meeting fortnightly for hourly sessions over phone, video calls or face to face, you and your coach create a safe space for you to unpack the boxes and deepen the learning. The purpose is to help you achieve what you want and be who you want to be - the best version of yourself.

Book a free consultation now to decide

  • What. Your key priorities and outcomes
  • How. The coaching approach that works for you
  • When. You decide when you want to start

One to one leadership coaching is a different kind of relationship. The coach and client lean in equally, neither one doing more work than the other. You have someone whose only agenda is helping you achieve success in an authentic way.

3wh One to one leadership coaching

The Private Coaching Package

Our standard (zoom or teams) coaching package for new clients includes a coaching journal, powerful onboarding questions, a DiSC profile, a 2-hour discovery session followed by 5 hourly sessions, between session accountability check-ins.

£1500 paid in full or 3 x monthly payments of £500

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