The coaching Manager

Shifting from telling to asking

A coaching manager is a leader who adopts a coaching mindset to support and develop their team members. They understand that each individual has unique strengths, weaknesses, and motivations, and they use this knowledge to guide their team towards achieving results. A coaching manager empowers their team by providing guidance, asking thought-provoking questions, and helping others to do their best work and best thinking. Rather than directing and telling people what to do, the manager empowers others to level up, stretch and grow, and find solutions for themselves.

In today's fast-paced and competitive business world, having a coaching manager is essential for driving innovation, fostering high-performing teams, and achieving sustainable success. So, it is crucial to nurture and develop coaching managers within an organisation to achieve long-term growth and success. At 3WH, we understand the importance of coaching leadership and offer bespoke programs to equip leaders with the necessary skills to become effective coaching managers. Let us help you elevate your leadership and drive results through the power of coaching. So, partner with us today to unlock the full potential of your team and take your business to new heights. 3WH: Where coaching leads to success.

Managers who coach their teams and employees problems through to solutions find:


Better solutions and empowerment.


Focus on results and goals.


Improve performance, relationships and autonomy.

coaching management

The Coaching Management programme helps your managers to:

  • Identify their natural management style.
  • Learn when to coach, guide, tell or motivate.
  • The core skills of coaching
  • Different tools and approaches
  • How to use coaching in one to one sessions, team meetings and on the spot problem solving.

Book a free consultation now to decide

  • What. Your key priorities and outcomes
  • How. The coaching culture that works for you
  • When. You decide when you want to start

The Coaching Manager Package

2 half day sessions delivered virtually or 1 full day in person.

Up to 15 people.
Learn what coaching is and when to use is, and learn how to give feedback and use coaching to set goals.
Identify tools and skills and how to use them
Create a coaching culture
Copies of coaching books to support learning.

All session will enable delegates to practice their coaching skills in real time, with immediate feedback.

Additional delegates and one to one coaching sessions can be added to your package

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