coaching Management

The Coaching Manager

A company is a group of people working together to achieve a result through Coaching Management. Gone are the days when the manager had to do all of the thinking, delegating and make all of the decisions. Not only is it time consuming, it also doesn’t get great results quickly. In fact, the best results come when we discover the best approaches for ourselves. This is the age of the Coaching Manager. Yell, Tell, Sell just doesn’t cut it anymore. Instead, Coaching, guiding, mentoring and empowering others to succeed is the best approach to leading others.

Managers who coach their teams and employees problems through to solutions find:


Better solutions and empowerment.


Focus on results and goals.


Improve performance, relationships and autonomy.

coaching management

The Coaching Management programme helps your managers to:

  • Identify their natural management style.
  • Learn when to coach, guide, tell or motivate.
  • The core skills of coaching
  • Different tools and approaches
  • How to use coaching in one to one sessions, team meetings and on the spot problem solving.

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  • What. Your key priorities and outcomes
  • How. The coaching culture that works for you
  • When. You decide when you want to start

Coaching Management is a different kind of relationship. The coach and client lean in equally, neither one doing more work than the other. You have someone whose only agenda is helping you achieve success in an authentic way.

coaching management

The Coaching Manager Package

3 half day sessions delivered virtually
Learn what coaching is and when to use is, and learn how to give feedback and use coaching to set goals.
Identify tools and skills and how to use them
Create a coaching culture
Copies of coaching books to support learning.

All session will enable delegates to practice their coaching skills in real time, with immediate feedback.

Additional delegates and one to one coaching sessions can be added to your package

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