Leadership Coaching Case studies



Case Study 1. 

Sharon wanted to improve her confidence in public speaking and communication skills, through leadership coaching. As she was stepping into the role of CEO, she identified her strengths and weaknesses and wanted to feel prepared for her new role. Through coaching and leadership training, Sharon found her own ways to develop that was right for her and continued to stretch herself until she grew in confidence. 3WH continues to work with Sharon and her team delivering leadership development and supporting her rising stars talent programme.


Simon - Sales Director

Case Study 1. 

Simon was a seasoned Sales Professional who now found himself as European Sales Director. He recognised that what had got him this far was not enough to succeed in his new position. Leading a team of remote working product, marketing and sales managers was new to him. He wanted to explore how to give less direction and lead more, and how to harness the skills of the team to deliver results. We worked together for 6 months and then he felt empowered to confidently lead effectively.

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Coaching and leadership training is a different kind of relationship. The coach and client lean in equally, neither one doing more work than the other. You have someone whose only agenda is helping you achieve success in an authentic way.

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