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For individuals

Looking to improve your leadership skills?

Have exclusive access to our online leadership development platform with all the leadership, team and organisational development courses you will need, with a monthly subscription.

The solo membership engages you in self-lead learning to identify how both yourself and your business is performing and how to increase performance.

Create your vision and mission and align this to inspire others to achieve their goals.

Flexible membership means you can upgrade to include your teams or cancel anytime. With a 1 day free trial, you can be confident before you join.

Whether you are looking to step up into leadership, developing your career or learning how to lead in a post pandemic era, the platform gives you what you need.

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For companies

Want to embed a high performing culture?   

Have exclusive access to our online learning platform with a company annual license.

We have 9 subscriptions for you to choose which you can up/downgrade at anytime, add new members or remove access anytime.

Create cohorts, develop teams or simply give everyone access to learn and develop at their pace.

Self Led learning gives access to the platform and private Facebook group.

Programme membership gives platform access, plus 3WH creates a 12 month programme for your team or cohort to follow, supported by action learning sets.

The Pro package is the ultimate development programme, with full access, a bespoke 12 month programme and live monthly workshops with a 3WH facilitator to deep dive into topics and develop the team or cohorts further. 

Following the 3WH 5 MYs methodology, courses are organised in sections. 

  • MyPresent: Learn how to identify where you and your business is right now, analyse data and understand the blocks and barriers to success. Get clear on your purpose, vision and mission and create a strategy to get from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • MySelf: Now you know where you are going, you discover what leadership skills you have to get you there. Learn your strengths and weaknesses, your values and authentic style and how that influences your success.
  • MyTeam: Building the ultimate team increases your performance. Learn team dynamics, how to use conflict positively, give feedback and create teams that understand what excellence looks like and how to role model it to others.
  • MyBusiness: Now the leaders are ready to lead others. You learn how to set inspiring goals, manage performance, create the right behaviours, match skills to roles and how to increase human capability.
  • MyLegacy: Vision for the future and make a positive impact. You learn about the impact you and your business makes on your people, communities, customers and ultimately the world. You learn about corporate social responsibility, operational excellence, succession planning and future proofing your business.

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leadership and development courses

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