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Who is Lucy Barkas?

Lucy Barkas founded 3WH in 2013 with a vision of helping leaders to create positive changes in their business, to empower, engage and connect their people through Leadership and Team coaching. Prior to this Lucy had a successful career in the energy industry where she found herself managing others at 23, eventually leading national teams, she learned how to achieve high performance through engaging, empowering and developing others around a common idea or vision.

What started as a coaching practice soon developed into a a leadership and team development company that delivers individual, leadership and team coaching, leadership development programmes and team diagnostics.

Leadership Consultancy

Lucy has a large clientele; her clients are typically leaders and senior/board level teams who have been in position for around a year and who have already made some tactical and operational changes to increase performance. They are in the biggest roles of their career so far and do not want to fail. They want to operate as a strong, unified team, focusing on delivering the organisations objectives, and embedding healthy and productive cultures to achieve their vision. 

Lucy is author of the Amazon Bestseller LeaderX

LeaderX Podcast

She regularly features on BBC radio as their Leadership and work expert and has appeared on Sky News. She is a judge for the Business Book of the Year awards and forms a panel of experts for the Amity Business School, the largest University in India. And when she isn’t developing current leaders, she volunteers as a Scout leader, helping the next generation to develop self-leadership, resilience and teamwork.

Leadership consultancy


At 3WH, our passion is fuelling leaders to achieve dynamic businesses through the power of people. With our toolkit, we create bespoke Leadership Development, Coaching, and Consultancy offerings, meticulously crafting each service to align with your unique objectives. Whether it's navigating team alignment complexities or sustaining engagement amidst transformation, our expertise is your advantage.

Our philosophy is simple: thriving businesses are built on the foundation of motivated, fulfilled employees. With 3WH by your side, expect a transformational journey that not only reinvigorates your workplace but also accelerates performance. It's time to ignite change and unlock the full potential of your team—partner with us at 3WH to redefine success.

Elevate your leadership, inspire engagement, and witness your business soar. 3WH: Where empowerment leads to excellence.


3WH take the time to understand our employees job roles and tailored workshops to suit our business, making it relevant and actionable for each person. The style is personable and puts everyone at ease straight away. They create and atmosphere where people are comfortable talking openly and sharing their thoughts.

3WH make sure people were engaging in activities, helping to make the information memorable. Everyone fed back how hugely beneficial the sessions were. We can already see the impact on how our teams communicate.

Laura Hewett 

Company Director

Lucy has been an exceptional coach and mentor over the last 12 month.  Lucy’s experience, drive and engaging personality has helped shape her to become the “go to” professional where personal, career development and business transformation is concerned.  Lucy really took the time to understand who I was, what was important to me and what my aspirations and goals were.  She was quick to connect with me and helped me to develop my own leadership skills which have allowed me to become more effective, increase personal performance and develop a clearer insight to my career development.  



Have you thought about receiving coaching? Maybe you'd love to find your purpose and values but don't know where to start? Let me make it easy for you - speak to 3WH. I promise that the support and guidance you will get from them will be outstanding. In the blink of an eye, your world will open up to a plethora of possibilities and you will leave her care with a smile on your face and a fiery determination in your heart. Don't delay your growth any longer. Stop procrastinating about the future you wish you could have. 


Project Director

Lucy has been my coach now for a little over 6 months, and in that short time she has helped me through various stages of setting up a new business and the challenges that come with it.  I can’t recommend 3WH highly enough, truly inspiring, supportive, intuitive, giving me the tools to handle any situation and the confidence to trust my instincts.  Quite literally every aspect of my life has improved since working with 3WH. 

Tom Ludwig

MD Solar Sentry

Power of coaching sometimes is instantly impacting, however brilliant coaching only continues to grow inside. Lucy spending time with me was valuable and focused me on how to use my energy, now having spent sometime reflecting over our conversations. The value of Lucy’s experience has been outstanding, Lucy thank your, your words are rooted in my values


Commercial Director

The level of exploration achieved on a personal and professional level clearly demonstrated to me the passion that Lucy had for developing, mentoring & coaching people, and the carefully crafted structure in which we did this showed me a range of opportunities for the business (one of which I have since been able to take) and also identified for the business those people who were prepared to achieve under the title of PRIDE – Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence.



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