Our vision for leaders


In a world changing as quickly and in unexpected ways, we need great leaders more than ever.  Our vision is for leaders have the power to make an impact on the world around them, and are responsible for the impact they create.  In business, leaders directly impact how people feel, think and act, and can be the biggest enhancer, or detractor of business performance.  How their people feel ripples into their homes, and their communities.

We need leaders to take responsibility for their impact and start to create a positive ripple effect that changes business results, how people feel and ultimately the world, one leader at a time.


At the heart of our ethos is a belief that leaders possess the profound capability to shape the world around them, wielding the power to leave a significant and lasting imprint. The role they play is pivotal; leaders ignite transformation in how people perceive, feel, and ultimately engage in the work that they do.

The impact of leadership cannot be overstated. Leaders are the driving force behind organisational energy, directly affecting team morale and effectiveness. Their actions can amplify productivity and innovation or conversely, stifle the very spirit that spurs growth. The resonance of their influence does not end at the office door; rather, it extends into homes and communities, generating waves that either enrich or diminish the broader social fabric.

Our vision is one of accountability, where leaders embrace and consciously create a ripple that encourages exceptional business performance, nurtures positivity within teams, and includes everyone in the solutions, and success.

Join us in this mission. Together, we can harness the transformative power of leadership to alter business landscapes, elevate human experiences, and ultimately, reshape our shared destiny.r mission is to create a positive leadership ripple effect that impact people work, their homes, communities and ultimately the world. With power comes great responsibility and you can make a positive impact on the lives of others through leadership.

We want business leaders to achieve success by creating working environments where people are happy, engaged and delighted to work. At 3WH we help leaders to gain total clarity on their vision, purpose and strategy.  With this clarity, we support them in aligning their people through trust and empowerment.  When change feels hard, we want to inspire leaders to maintain momentum with courage and boldness.

3WH support the global goal of decent work and economic growth.  At 3WH we want to help businesses grow through great leadership, cohesive and connected teams, and thus create healthy, fulfilling cultures where people thrive.


Each day we ask ourselves if we are being bold in work, courageous in our service to clients and true to ourselves and show up with integrity.  Therefore we ask our clients to do the same.

Be bold in leadership, have courage to persist and be true to yourself and to your people.


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