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Leadership and team development

Leadership and Team Development

At 3WH, we help leadership teams break through the biggest blocks and barriers to business performance. Our unique team development process provides the insight and tools necessary for healthy conflict and collaboration and ultimately alignment. We see it happen all of the time. The senior leadership teams work under the direction of the lead, and show up with their functional hats on, often more concerned with what’s going on in their areas. Instead of leading the business, they compete and actually work against each other. They may not even notice it, because they are so “in it”.

Healthy leadership teams are aligned around a common purpose, have healthy conflict for the good of the team and collaborate and even make sacrifices to ensure the objectives are achieved. It’s this type of team that can truly take your business to new heights. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create a high-performing team!

Team Development

Struggling to get your team on the same page?

Our Leadership Development programmes are designed to help teams identify their strengths and weaknesses, and work together to create a high-performing team. We use a bespoke approach that aligns and develops your team members so they can achieve business goals.

With our help, you can create a trusting and cohesive team that is able to achieve anything. Our programmes are not for the faint hearted – it requires everyone to lean in together, support each other and develop together. But the end result is worth it!

Start your journey by following our 5 MYs Method today!

Not sure which solution is right for you?

We offer team building days, team development programmes, and group coaching. Click here to find out which bespoke solution is right for you. Get in touch to learn more.



Before we work with the delegates, we do some fact finding with the Leadership Team. We ask them where they are now, and where they want to be - the vision. We mine for truth, facts and surface opposing perspectives - shaking things up so we can reach alignment.

The gap where you are now and where you want to be becomes the leadership development strategy. We gather data on the blocks and barriers to high performance. We interview and hold focus groups to identify priority areas to develop and if the team don't have a vision, we will help them create one.


Before you lead others, you need to lead yourself. Are you the leader that will deliver the strategy and if not, how can you be? In the MySelf module, you  get clarity over individual strengths, weaknesses, values, beliefs and behaviours. Most people know more about their favourite sports team than they do about themselves, so we challenge the delegates to lead with integrity and from a place of trust. We may support that development with one to one coaching, DiSC profiling tools or 360 feedback - you decide.


Now you are ready to develop leadership capability at a wider business level. The focus for MyBusiness is to embed the strategy, behaviours, culture and goals throughout your business, so everyone is rowing in the same direction.

Your priority might be to align goals around the company vision and mission, or creating a positive performance management culture or perhaps how to engage and develop talent. We believe in the power of conversations, feedback and relationships in delivering high performance. If your focus is cultural change, we shift the focus to embedding values, behaviours and competencies within the business. We might even throw in a business simulation or two.


We invite the senior leadership team to reflect on the journey and to identify what is next. The long term, sustainable legacy might focus on succession planning, developing the next cohort of leaders or embedding the changes from with. It might look like developing a corporate social responsibility strategy, or future proofing business so your vision becomes a reality. It is time to take stock, revisit and create a plan.


Now you know your leadership strengths, you are ready to build the ultimate team. Starting with the core team, we help them to form a cohesive team, who works together to achieve common goals. We shift from functional hats to a “one team” hat, building trust and clearing the decks of past conflicts and agendas. Often using the 5 behaviours of a cohesive team methodology, we break the team and rebuild it. We first look at how to be a team together, before understanding how to lead your own team. We create modules and workshops which focus on your teams priorities, with tools, techniques and best practice when leading others, either in their own liberated team, or by forming matrix style teams. We introduce coaching, feedback, communication and motivation practice. We craft the content around your priorities, values and culture.

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  • What. Your key priorities and outcomes
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Coaching is a different kind of relationship. The coach and client lean in equally, neither one doing more work than the other. You have someone whose only agenda is helping you achieve success in an authentic way.

Leadership and Team Development Packages


A 6-month transformation tailored to your business

Virtual – 6 x half day zoom workshops
In the room - 6 full days workshops


A 12-month transformation tailored to your business
10 workshops

3 x 1 hour coaching sessions per delegate

Access to the 3WH online learning portal

Virtual – 10 half day sessions
In the room – 10 full day sessions



A 12-month transformation tailored to your business

10 full day workshops 

3 x Action Learning sets to solve real business issues

3  x 1 hour coaching sessions per delegate

MyLegacy future proof session

Access to the 3WH online learning portal

Virtual - £20,000
In the room  £27,000

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