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IASME consortium

Case Study 1. 

IASME, a cyber security company, experienced rapid growth over 2 years. The initial team and structure which served its purpose, was now experiencing role confusion, miscommunication, and tension. Many of the Leaders and Managers rose to the top because of their expertise in their field of specialty, but had not experienced development in leadership or team development. Over 12 months, the team of 20 worked through the 5 MYs approach to business leadership and development. Investing in monthly sessions, the team identified its strengths and limitations, identified the culture now and where they wanted it to be, and created an operational strategy and structure to lead through the next phase of growth. Not only were the team developing their leadership skills, they also were working on real business issues and creating actionable plans to embed.

In 12 months, the team transformed, making some bold and courageous decisions, and trusting that they had everything they needed to succeed.


Kingswood Sales and Marketing Team

Case Study 2. 

The Kingswood Sales and Marketing team had everything right on paper. They had exceptional leads with a huge amount of experience, talent and skills, yet they consistently missed targets, had conflicting priorities and communication between functions caused an “us and them” culture. 3WH were asked to diagnose the underlying issues and to rebuild the team behaviours and to create team cohesiveness. After taking the 5 behaviours of a cohesive team assessment, we created a programme that focused on resolving the existing barriers. After 3 months, the team transformed into a highly trusting, collaborative and committed team. This one team approach changed the culture and enabled issues between functions to be addressed and healed. Read what they said…


Hewett Recruitment

Case Study 3. 

Hewett Recruitment had grown rapidly in recent years, recruiting more people and opened new service channels. They were in the throws of forming, storming, performing, with established members and new team members colliding, miscommunication between sites and roles and responsibility clashes. Everyone was passionate and frustrated in equal measure. Initially we delivered workshops using Everything DiSC profiles to help members to understand and appreciate different working styles. We then worked with the leadership team to identify their own roles, responsibilities. Finally we created workshops to identify motivations, goal setting and how to engage and recognise performance. The programme and solutions were bespoke and evolved as we became partners together.

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