Navigating the Intricacies of Human Systems in the Workplace

The complex systems we work inIn the dance of the cosmos, from the vast expanse of the universe to the intricate workings of our solar system, everything is connected. The seasons, the ebb and flow

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Quiet leadership that goes unnoticed

The quiet leaders in your teamIn the midst of all teams you will have many kinds of people working together to achieve a goal. You have the leaders by status who hold the title. You have the doers,

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Inject some life into your meetings with systemic relationship coaching

The need for better teamsGet ready to unlock the full potential of your team with a sprinkle of ingenuity and a dash of collaboration! In today's fast-paced business environment, we often find our

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The Generalist’s Edge: Leading in a Multi-Dimensional World

The generalist leader I have always been a generalist leader. I used to feel slightly inadequate against those leaders who had forged a vertical career path through a specialism. That was until

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Empowering Leaders to Make Confident Decisions

As a leader, the ability to make decisions is crucial for the success of your team and organisation. However, you may find yourself facing challenges that hinder your decision-making process, such as

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Leaders who will get the least from coaching yet need it the most

The Story The problem with leadership coaching is the people who need it the most are the least likely to gain anything from it. They don't willingly engage in it and therefore the results

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What is team coaching anyway?

Hello everyone, it’s Lucy here and today I want to talk about a topic that is close to my heart – teamwork. I have been working with teamwork for over 20 years. I have seen the power of strong

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Leaders embrace agility and flexibility to thrive in a VUCA World

The fast changing world we live in Leaders are feeling the pressure of always being on. Every day there seems to be a new problem, and not a small one either. We live in rapidly changing times,

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Why alignment beats agreement in any team

The case for alignment Nature has a way of existing in harmony, where different species compete for resources yet thrive in their unique ways. This delicate balance is a perfect metaphor for

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