Leaders embrace agility and flexibility to thrive in a VUCA World

The fast changing world we live inLeaders are feeling the pressure of always being on. Every day there seems to be a new problem, and not a small one either. We live in rapidly changing times, where

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Why alignment beats agreement in any team

The case for alignmentNature has a way of existing in harmony, where different species compete for resources yet thrive in their unique ways. This delicate balance is a perfect metaphor for team alignment.

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Unlock Your Leadership Potential with Coaching

As a leader, it can be difficult to balance the day-to-day management duties with the larger goals and aspirations you have for your organization. You want to be better, to empower others, and to create

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Why would I need a coach? I am the leader

Are you a leader who seeks to gain more focus, connect with your team, and build better relationships? Do you struggle with exploring risks, identifying issues, and finding the best approach to achieve

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The Changing Landscape of Work and Why Gen Z and Millennials Aren’t Grateful That You Gave Them a Job

The context: Gone are the days when an organisation would hire an employee, and that employee felt forever indebted for the job and remained loyal no matter what. The workforce has changed,

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Leading with Values: Why It’s Essential for Successful Leadership

Leadership is an essential aspect of any organisation, we all know that, but what makes a leader great? There’s no one answer to that question, but I would have to say, that having strong values

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How kindness can make feedback really impactful

Delivering Feedback with Kindness The act of giving feedback can often be uncomfortable and daunting. It is especially difficult when it needs to be given to a senior or long-standing colleague.

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Why leaders need to define the real problem before fixing it by involving the team

Learn how having a shared understanding of the issue helps to generate effective solutions and why leaders should ensure their team feels comfortable speaking up with ideas or feedback that arise during

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Leadership Retreats: A Necessity, Not a Luxury

The world of business can be relentless and overwhelming and the idea of a leadership retreat can feel like a luxury. It is no surprise that leaders are often kept busy with competing demands, time

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