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Hybrid working and work life integration

A couple of years ago, all everyone was talking about was remote working – meaning working from home. I think many people still associate the two together, but remote working isn’t just working

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The questions to ask yourself if you think remote workers aren’t working

I want to change the conversation from whether remote work or onsite work is the answer. I want to shift it towards how do we do work and what is the most performance enhancing way of working? #remot...

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Quiet quitting: a generational shift in the workplace

I have been watching the TikTok videos by millennial and GenZ career advisors with great interest. There is a real shift, and a following, in the advice being given to the next generation

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Leading GenZ – lessons by a GenX parent

Leading GenZ I love GenZ. As a GenX parent of GenZ kids I am so excited by the future that they will create. They are louder, more outspoken, more politically and globally aware

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The puzzle of team dynamics

The puzzle Teamwork is a puzzle that is constantly changing. Pieces move, grow, shrink, behaviours and attitudes evolve. It is easy to think a functioning team will remain so. In

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