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How leaders are redesiging their businesses using the 5 MYs method

I have always been on a mission to support leaders in creating teams and organisations that attract, develop and engage top talent and get results. It's why my business was formed.Now my conversations

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Start saying yes to opportunities

You get offered an opportunity and at first you become excited. You dare to dream about the possibilities and may even be a little flattered. Within a few minutes your little Gremlins start doing the thinking.I

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When you have to come up with all of the ideas

You know you've got a problemOne of the biggest blocks and barriers to healthy, high performing businesses is that not enough people are willing to take the risk to share new ideas, new innovations and

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Hindsight doesn’t lead to foresight

Hindsight does not lead to foresight “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got” Henry Ford The human brain is primed for efficiency and as a result

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