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Help, my staff are quiet quitting

The Story Talking with a friend, he shared how he had hired someone a year ago with hopes of making them the Manager, proactive succession planning. He knew I would be pleased that he had been

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What employee engagement is not

Employee engagement has been buzzing around for the past 20 years and has so many interpretations it is easy to get a little confused by the topic. Employee engagement is not a perk, a benefit scheme

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Hybrid working and work life integration

A couple of years ago, all everyone was talking about was remote working – meaning working from home. I think many people still associate the two together, but remote working isn’t just working

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Why savvy leaders use group coaching

Leaders as coaches Leaders who coach their teams towards solutions and action have a leadership edge. They refuse to run meetings where they do all of the talking, find all of the

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LeaderX with Daniel Priestley

I remember the first time I came across Daniel Priestley.  I was doing the ironing one sunday afternoon, listening to a podcast and he was the guest. I remember because it was the only

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