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The worst excuses I’ve heard about being a controlling manager

Controlling Managers are everywhere and they have told me some great reasons why they do what they do. Thankfully most of them are smart enough to realise that their own justifications are feeding their

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What to do when the carrot and stick stop working

Many businesses have created motivational and performance structures around the carrot and the stick approach, but what do you do when the carrot and the stick stop working. The truth is they probably

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5 practices talent magnets do daily to develop people’s best work

The talent shortage is real and many companies are struggling to fill their most important vacancies, which means they are struggling to grow, perform and innovate. Yet other companies seem to have their

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Steve Jobs on leadership

Steve jobs on leadership. Love him or hate him, he had a vision and was a transformational leader.  Hear his team talk about his approach to hiring talent.  

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Leaders of SME’s biggest problems

Our research shows that leaders who are responsible for a business, or business unit with between 100-250 employees are facing similar problems.    Whether it is a fast growth business that has the

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