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How LeaderX focuses on results

GenerationX and the Xennial leader is is primed and ready to take the senior leadership roles. They think and feel differently about life and work than their older Boomer mentors, and as such they

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This is how to manage me – a generational view

In our work we hear more concerns from leaders about the changing dynamics of the workplace. They struggle to connect with the younger millennials, and worry that the older boomers are stuck and resistant

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Understand the brain to unlock human capability in your business

We work with a range of leaders and industries. Some are what you would call left sided brains, others are on the right. What we often see in engineering, manufacturing and operational based companies

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Start saying yes to opportunities

You get offered an opportunity and at first you become excited. You dare to dream about the possibilities and may even be a little flattered. Within a few minutes your little Gremlins start doing the

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Why leaders can’t see what’s right in front of them and how they can learn to spot issues faster

Before you can diagnose the problems in your business, you need to almost take a step back and look objectively, sometimes you're too close to the detail and too emotionally invested to be rational.

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