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Post pandemic leadership – you need to listen up

The research is coming in. The people are speaking on social media, Youtube and calling out their employers. Post pandemic leadership looks very different to what people tolerated before. We have all had

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Connecting disconnected teams

One of the hardest jobs of a leader is to create a highly trusted, connected and aligned team. You can do the aligned goals, vision, purpose and missions work, which I think is essential by the way. Yet

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Why savvy leaders use group coaching

Leaders as coaches Leaders who coach their teams towards solutions and action have a leadership edge. They refuse to run meetings where they do all of the talking, find all of the solutions and

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A great leadership team has a strong foundation

I am an optimist. I always choose to look for outcomes and solutions, rather than focusing on problems. So when I say that Leadership teams, any team, have a strong foundation, I naturally want to write

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Why trust is the foundation of success

Teams can exist in many formats, but successful teams can only truly exist where there is trust.The Case for TrustWhen there is real trust within a team, our brains operate in a completely different way

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