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Help, my staff are quiet quitting

The Story Talking with a friend, he shared how he had hired someone a year ago with hopes of making them the Manager, proactive succession planning. He knew I would be pleased that he had been

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Hybrid working and work life integration

A couple of years ago, all everyone was talking about was remote working – meaning working from home. I think many people still associate the two together, but remote working isn’t just working

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The questions to ask yourself if you think remote workers aren’t working

I want to change the conversation from whether remote work or onsite work is the answer. I want to shift it towards how do we do work and what is the most performance enhancing way of working? #remot...

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Post pandemic leadership – you need to listen up

The research is coming in. The people are speaking on social media, Youtube and calling out their employers. Post pandemic leadership looks very different to what people tolerated before. We have all

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Connecting disconnected teams

One of the hardest jobs of a leader is to create a highly trusted, connected and aligned team. You can do the aligned goals, vision, purpose and missions work, which I think is essential by the way.

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