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A great leadership team has a strong foundation

I am an optimist. I always choose to look for outcomes and solutions, rather than focusing on problems. So when I say that Leadership teams, any team, have a strong foundation, I naturally want to write

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Why trust is the foundation of success

Teams can exist in many formats, but successful teams can only truly exist where there is trust.The Case for TrustWhen there is real trust within a team, our brains operate in a completely different way

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Understand the brain to unlock human capability in your business

We work with a range of leaders and industries. Some are what you would call left sided brains, others are on the right. What we often see in engineering, manufacturing and operational based companies

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fear and blame kill performance

The worst behaviours of bad bosses revealed

You’d think with over 50 years of brilliant management education and more and more resources for leadership and management training that we would have eradicated the bass boss problem. Yet in 2019 we

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Master the 10 rules of conflict and lead with better decisions

When I get with a team the first thing I do is watch for conflict. When I pose a question I observe who speaks, who glances at who and what isn't being said. This gives me a real insight into how healthy

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