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Why savvy leaders use group coaching

Leaders as coaches Leaders who coach their teams towards solutions and action have a leadership edge. They refuse to run meetings where they do all of the talking, find all of the solutions and

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Are you the hero or villain in your business?

I am so tired of the superhero leader who thinks the rules don't apply to them and that somehow showing their vulnerability some how makes them weak. I meet them everyday through my work and although they

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Why the grow model doesn’t work

I was first introduced to the GROW model way back in the early naughties and it changed my world. I mean, it was as though I had learned the secret to having the kind of accountable and forward looking

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Will coaching really help my business?

We have been using coaching as a core skill in leadership and team performance for over 20 years. Back then it was a new concept, some might have even thought of it as a fad, but it has stood the test

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What would you like to create today?

Leadership is a state of being. It is a daily intention, a life purpose, a gift. You get to decide how you will lead your life, how you will think, how you will react to your feelings and how you will

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