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Feedback, powerful and planned

Feedback – powerful and planned Feedback is often over analysed and feared, yet it is simply a conversation.  That’s a far less fearful perspective. I’ve woken early reflecting on a

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Generation X Leadership

Generation Xer’s shape the future. More and more businesses are facing generational relationship barriers in the workplace.  Casting judgements on each other such as “they just don’t

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Helping entreprenuers of the future

At whatwhenwhyhow we believe that everyone can achieve their full potential if they believe in themselves and have the right support around them.  That is why we support students at the University of

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Fear is our new normal

Normal is a perception Last night my daughter asked me what’s up with North Korea.  Random question yes, but she asked because she had heard that it’s not a place you’d be able to go

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Trust yourself before others can trust you

Trust the foundation of any relationship Trust is fundamental building block of any relationship.  We use the same life  skills whether we are in relationship personally or in the workplace and your

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