Feedback, powerful and planned

Feedback – powerful and planned

Feedback is often over analysed and feared, yet it is simply a conversation.  That’s a far less fearful perspective.

I’ve woken early reflecting on a meeting yesterday and deconstructing the conversation. I had to give some really open, honest and hard hitting feedback to a senior management team about their behaviours and culture. Although their were some moments of quiet whilst the information was being processed, there was no defensiveness, blame or conflict. How did this happen?

1. The feedback was given in service to the client and with an open heart.

2. I prepared what I was going to say and ensured I stuck to my plan and included all major aspects

3. I set the context, enabling them to understand why I was giving them the information

4. I delivered it with empathy and compassion, asking questions along the way?

5. We explored what is possible, I gave them solutions, and encouragement of what could be achieved if there was a change, if they wanted to change.

Feedback is necessary to create change and can be a positive motivator for your people. You need the courage to do it.