3WH develop leaders and teams to achieve results together with purpose, trust and connection.


Reconnect, align and inspire

We are a leadership and team development consultancy who work with leaders who want to succeed and make an impact. They are typically fairly new in role, often taking their first senior position stepping up from a successful management career.

Our clients want to lead with purpose, engaging with brilliant people and inspiring them to work together towards success. 

Leading People, Behaviours and Culture.

How LeaderX are you?

Take the LeaderX quiz and find out how LeaderX you are.

5 minutes and you will get your own score and how you can increase your LeaderX performance.

3wg coaching leadership


Coaching leaders, teams and individuals who need to create space to think, reconnect and develop. We all need to update our success toolkit and establish new perspectives, habits and skills to lead in the new ways of working and living. We believe in continual growth and development. 

  • Reignite your key strengths and dial up your success factors
  • Lead with courage and confidence through uncertainty
  • Gain clarity over your personal blocks and find exceptional solutions
  • Build stronger relationships and teams
  • Lead with purpose and impact and be the leader you choose to be

Team building, coaching and development

We work with leadership teams to align and create unity around a common goal. Team dynamics have challenged us. Following the 5 MY's method, we design bespoke programmes for your leadership team because we know every business is different. Our approach is experiential, fun and interactive.

  • 1 Day team building around DiSC profiles, purpose, goals and values, or simply have fund together.
  • Identify the blocks and barriers to team success and solve them together
  • Create strategies together to build the team you want.
  • Embed behaviours throughout the business
group membership

Online Learning

Give your talent the tools to develop their personal development journeys. The online membership portal allows team and cohorts to develop together through action learning sets, or on their own. You design the programme, and we deliver the content.  Learning Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

  • Content accessible on all devices anytime
  • Courses organised following the 5 MYs and tracks completion 
  • Videos, text, audio lessons with activities and discussion points
  • Flexible membership managed by admins for your control
  • Run as an internal programme or for personal development                                

The LeaderX book & Podcast

calling the next generation to step up, take control and lead with impact

"I'm a third of the way through this consuming it like the last warm loaf on the shelf in locked down times. I love the layout and structure of this book. I am being educated about the perspective of my generation, gaining insight into why my career began the way it did, and punching my hand in the air knowing I was right to stand up for what I believed in. Lucy's story and expertise in beautifully woven throughout this unique book. I need to go, I want to finish this before the house wakes up. I suggest you grab your copy and hide away with it too!"

"If you’re in a leadership role and striving for success, this is the book for you. Packed with practical, insightful, actionable and ultimately high impact advice, Lucy takes you on a journey with a clearly defined path from which you can freestyle - this book is full of springboards and safety nets to help you be a brilliant leader. Definitely worth a read (and have a notebook handy, you’ll be inspired to scribble ideas throughout!)"

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