Does this sound familiar?

With a team of experienced and passionate leaders running your business, setting goals should spark unity. However, if you find yourself bearing the full weight, making all decisions, and toiling harder than anticipated, it's a red flag. As the business falters in various aspects, conflicts emerge, stress mounts, and impatience grows. Despite your efforts to align the team, cohesion remains elusive. LeaderX offers comprehensive Leadership Development solutions that can revolutionise both you and your business. If your team lacks unity, there's a remedy. Transform yourself and your business with LeaderX in just 12 months.

LeaderX: 5 steps for Generation X to step up, take control and lead with impact.

The 2020s is the decade of LeaderX. As Baby Boomers start to retire, they make way for a new type of leader. A leader who puts people, teams and culture at the heart of their organisation. A values-driven leader who believes in empowering and engaging others to deliver their best work by focusing on the vision and then working together to achieve it. LeaderX is not just about leading, it’s about creating an experience that inspires and motivates individuals to reach their full potential. It's about creating a legacy that goes beyond business results and transforms the lives of those within their team. The future belongs to LeaderX - are you ready to join the journey?

As GenerationX and the older Millennials step up to key leadership roles for the first time, the opportunity for long-lasting impactful change is huge, but, to be honest, so are the challenges. With each new generation comes different ways of thinking, working and leading. LeaderX explores how to integrate these diverse perspectives and harness their collective strengths for maximum impact. This book is a valuable resource for leaders who want to stay ahead of the curve and create a thriving and inclusive work environment that drives results.

In this book, Lucy Barkas, a leadership and team development expert with over 20 years’ experience in developing talent and high-performing teams, will show you how to step up and become a LeaderX. Following her 5 Mys methodology, you will learn how to become LeaderX and create highly engaged, cohesive and empowering organisations that deliver results.

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This book will:

  • show you why you are different and how to utilise your unique qualities as LeaderX and achieve results
  • give you the courage and confidence to create new ways of working and create a high performing culture
  • give you practical exercises, tips and a roadmap to lead differently with impact

By the end of the book, you’ll be ready to take bold action, create followership and reach your potential as LeaderX

Lucy Barkas is a leadership and team development consultant who has been working with the next generation of leaders through her company 3WH. She found her secret to success was building high-performing teams and empowering others to achieve.

If your environment shapes you, then naturally it will impact the way you think about life, your values, your core beliefs and even your attitudes. I have found five common values that shape this generation, which bundled together makes a really awesome leader. 

As more LeaderXs step up, we see a positive ripple effect impacting our work and lives. Each value on its own is changing how business is done, but when they are brought together, I am certain that LeaderX will deliver exactly what is needed in a disconnected and lonely world'.

"A fantastic book and so timely! This IS a time for Gen X to step up and forwards. Lucy’s clearly laid out book guides you through a process to enable you to be your best self and boost your impact in the world. Thoroughly recommended.

"If you are (or work for) a Generation X leader, then this book is a must!
The 5 Mys methodology brings a clarity on how to get the best of yourself, and others. Definitely one to buy - and what a fantastic price! Nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain, I am already on my second reading with my trusty notepad and action plan by my side so I can incorporate these insights into reality.

Who is the book for?

  • The forgotten generation, X-Gen, who are now primed and ready to step into the top leadership roles
  • Those who are ready to lead their organisations into a new era, believe in putting people first, yet need help breaking long established barriers about what work is.
  • Those who want to lead a successful business where people are engaged, empowered and care as much as they are.