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Understand the brain to unlock human capability in your business

We work with a range of leaders and industries. Some are what you would call left sided brains, others are on the right. What we often see in engineering, manufacturing and operational based companies

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Lessons from a new leader

Let me tell you about one leader, I worked with called James. He was a really experienced leader, learning his skills with some big global brands. He was brought in to lead an established business in manufacturing

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4 steps to create a leadership strategy and future proof your company

Leadership strategies give businesses the advantage. The advantage of having a leadership strategy in place are huge. In fact, many CEO’s and HR leads are contacting us to help step up their leadership

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Too busy to be kind

This week we saw world peace day come and go.  It reminds us of the big bold mission of peace and kindness in the world, but on a more personal level it reminds us to give a little kindness everyday. Yet

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