Understand the brain to unlock human capability in your business

We work with a range of leaders and industries. Some are what you would call left sided brains, others are on the right. What we often see in engineering, manufacturing and operational based companies is that they promote left sided brains. The people who focus on what's done, results, facts, figures and measures. 

They don't place as high value on the "soft" skills, the warm, touchy feeling, warmer side of people. Yet they have lower engagement scores, lower productivity rates and more sickness, less loyalty and very little creativity. 

How can you lead a doing company and yet create a culture where being is just as critical?

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Conversational Intelligence (C_IQ) is a powerful way of helping the logical skeptics to understand what is happening inside of the brain without talking soft and fluffy language. We talk in terms of neuroscience, the brain, behavioural drivers, logic an science. We talk legacy, impact, results and success.

When working with "right" side brain people, we talk about values, heart, emotions, purpose and meaning, culture and connection.

It actually all comes down to the same stuff but adapted to meet the needs of the culture and the people within it. 

We are all human beings doing our best

We are simply human beings who have become human doings.

We help teams and cultures move from Distrust to Trust - from threats and fears to openness and transparency. From doing and fixing to solutions and creativity.

It all happens within ourselves but to be ourselves, leaders need to create the right environment.

If you are looking to lead with engagement, openness, trust and team focus, you need to understand people. These aren't simply soft skills - it's hard, but we can help you get what you want.

Knowing what happens inside the brain with certain words or behaviours gives you knowledge and skills to transform your culture. 

By up regulating behaviours which opens up human capability, and down regulating those which shut people down, you become a leader of people. You can increase the capability of your people to do their best work and best thinking. You get more for less and people feel engaged, acknowledged, fulfilled and appreciated.

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