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What you need to know when leading 4 generations in the workplace

The generational landscape I remember talking with a senior leadership team back in 2015 who were perplexed with the younger generation. They didn't understand what they wanted or why they didn't

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Quiet quitting: a generational shift in the workplace

I have been watching the TikTok videos by millennial and GenZ career advisors with great interest. There is a real shift, and a following, in the advice being given to the next generation

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Post pandemic leadership – you need to listen up

The research is coming in. The people are speaking on social media, Youtube and calling out their employers. Post pandemic leadership looks very different to what people tolerated before. We have all

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A great leadership team has a strong foundation

I am an optimist. I always choose to look for outcomes and solutions, rather than focusing on problems. So when I say that Leadership teams, any team, have a strong foundation, I naturally want to write

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The post pandemic workplace

As the Government asks us all to go back to work if we can, the 65% of British workers might take offense, as they have been working throughout the pandemic, just not in the office. Key workers were

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