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Are you the hero or villain in your business?

I am so tired of the superhero leader who thinks the rules don't apply to them and that somehow showing their vulnerability some how makes them weak. I meet them everyday through my work and although they

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How XGEN were born ready for lockdown

Born readyXGen, the oldest Millennials and youngest GenX (1970-1985) have grown up preparing for a crisis. We didn't know that our enviroment was shaping us - but we have a unique set of skills that

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LeaderX talks to Tammy Banks – from the streets to parliament

Tammy Banks – Co-founder of Taye training, who went from living on the streets to becoming a member on the Parliamentary Committee for Standards, and Interim Consultant Director for the Association

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How LeaderX focuses on results

GenerationX and the Xennial leader is is primed and ready to take the senior leadership roles. They think and feel differently about life and work than their older Boomer mentors, and as such they

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