How leaders are redesiging their businesses using the 5 MYs method

I have always been on a mission to support leaders in creating teams and organisations that attract, develop and engage top talent and get results. It's why my business was formed.

Now my conversations have shifted towards redesigning their businesses to be fit for the future and thrive post lockdown. I see it as an opportunity to put all of their ideas that have been bubbling in the back of your mind for so long into practice. You get the opportunity to start again with a blank piece of paper and consciously design new ways of working that will propel you into the 2020's - like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Your 5 Mys Journey

The 5 Mys method, explained in the #LeaderX book, gives you the roadmap to achieve your vision in the way that you want to achieve it. When you shift your focus to legacy, you can begin to think of the long-term impact of your leadership. You focus on adding real value and inspiring others to do the same. You understand where you are right now and where you want to be, and strategically work towards a sustainable change. You really can be the change you wish to see in the world, all you need to do is lead. Of course, it will be a non-linear path and you will be called back to revisit, reflect and review the steps continually, but that’s where the learning comes from. That’s what makes the journey so rich and enjoyable.

The 5 MYs of organisational development

1. MyPresent

You will get really clear about your current environment. You will step back and take an analytical view of what is working and what isn't. You learn to remove the emotion and ego out of your analysis and be honest about the blocks and barriers to success. What worked for you before might not apply in the future, and you will become design a vision for the future and form a plan to get from here to there. It's not easy, which is why great leaders get help from their teams, coaches, mentors and consultants, but the payback is huge.

2. MySelf

Now you have the vision and strategy for the future, you will begin to assess what kind of leader do you need to be to achieve it. Self-awareness is always evolving and you will discover more about yourself in each new situation, and consciously lead more effectively. Your strengths will be your greatest tools and you decide what to do about your limitations - develop them or build a team to compliment you.

3. MyTeam

You get to build the ultimate team. Some members are already in place, some may need to be hired and others developed, but without the best team around you, you will always struggle to achieve your goals. By following the principles of MyTeam, you will have the core behaviours and norms to navigate change. Team members put aside their own needs for the greater good of the team, creating a sense of belonging and safety. Believe me, when you get there, it feels amazing. After working with a team who achieve this, I see genuine bonds form and a calm confidence in each other. It really is very special.

4. MyBusiness

Now you need to build the business, the people, systems, processes and culture that will deliver your vision. You will gain the tools and tips to maintain momentum and know how to engage and align your people through communication, culture and behaviours. Any change is hard, but if you do it strategically and persistently you will make an impact sooner than you believed was possible.

I want to give you the confidence to create a powerful strategy and keep your people on track through motivation goals, praise and feedback. Honestly, when I revisit clients a year or two later, I am filled with joy to hear about their great results – their people are happier, performance has increased, but above all, there is a real sense of pride around the workplace. Their people love the work they do.   

5. MyLegacy

In time, your Legacy becomes your reality. You have the skills to focus on the right things at the right time, balancing short-term goals with long-term aims and your vision becomes your reality. By doing the reflective practices of MyLegacy, you will consciously begin to think about the leadership ripple effect you are having on your people, their work, communities and, ultimately, the world. I always check in with clients and encourage them to look back and celebrate how much they have achieved. This is their legacy and it needs celebrating. Though your legacy is a future state, the first four Mys are what will get you there.

I call on you now to put a stake in the ground and decide what kind of leader you choose to be and what legacy you will leave behind.  Now is your time to choose how you wish to be remembered, and to take a stand for the things that matter to you and the changes you wish to make.


LeaderX is a call for the next generation of leaders to step up, take control and lead with impact. You have been leading from the side for long enough, and we need you now to lead with your values of autonomy, freedom, relationship, fun and experience and create organisations and teams that are fit for the future.

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