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The Changing Landscape of Work and Why Gen Z and Millennials Aren’t Grateful That You Gave Them a Job

The context:Gone are the days when an organisation would hire an employee, and that employee felt forever indebted for the job and remained loyal no matter what. The workforce has changed, and

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What you need to know when leading 4 generations in the workplace

The generational landscape I remember talking with a senior leadership team back in 2015 who were perplexed with the younger generation. They didn't understand what they wanted or why they didn't

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Quiet quitting: a generational shift in the workplace

I have been watching the TikTok videos by millennial and GenZ career advisors with great interest. There is a real shift, and a following, in the advice being given to the next generation

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Millennials need leaders

Are Millennials under-achievers?

Millennials often get a bashing for being narcissistic, snowflakes who expect success and opportunities to be handed to them. Wow, how harsh and judgemental is that. Now they aren’t saying

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2020 work problems and how millennials can create their own issues

Last night I was chatting to my 28 year old cousin. She is a manager and the boss is the business owner, early thirties and not uncommon with a more entrepreneurial mindset.The problem … They communicate

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