2020 work problems and how millennials can create their own issues

Last night I was chatting to my 28 year old cousin. She is a manager and the boss is the business owner, early thirties and not uncommon with a more entrepreneurial mindset.The problem …

They communicate through whattsap. Every time the owner thinks of something, they send a whattsap, constantly, like a brain dump. The group is called ‘work shiz’ which in itself is playful and informal and breaks down barriers.

And that’s the problem .. there are no boundaries. My cousin gets messages all day, all night, interrupting and often making no sense and causing stress and second guessing.I asked her how she would prefer to work.. easy, I would prefer a 20 minute catch up meeting to go through the whattsap stuff, plan the day, ask questions and then silence the group for the rest of the day.

Solution.. easy. Change the name of the group to meeting agenda … Book 30 mins together daily, have the conversation about what’s working for you and what’s not and how you need things to be and get busy doing. The workplace is changing, technology can be a life hack and smarter working.. it can also be the cause of your misery.Accept and embrace new ways of working, take control and act wisely.

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