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Hybrid working and work life integration

A couple of years ago, all everyone was talking about was remote working – meaning working from home. I think many people still associate the two together, but remote working isn’t just working

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The puzzle of team dynamics

The puzzle Teamwork is a puzzle that is constantly changing. Pieces move, grow, shrink, behaviours and attitudes evolve. It is easy to think a functioning team will remain so. In

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Being in the discomfort of feedback

Last night I watched England and Denmark in the Euro Semi finals. One word sums up the match - tense. If you watched it, you will know exactly what I mean. I was in a constant state of discomfort,

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The challenges of hybrid working

Leaders everywhere are discussing Hybrid working. It is definitely the phrase of 2021. In the past it may have been referred to as flexible working, but it has revamped and has some key differences.

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Connecting disconnected teams

One of the hardest jobs of a leader is to create a highly trusted, connected and aligned team. You can do the aligned goals, vision, purpose and missions work, which I think is essential by the way.

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