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A great leadership team has a strong foundation

I am an optimist. I always choose to look for outcomes and solutions, rather than focusing on problems. So when I say that Leadership teams, any team, have a strong foundation, I naturally want to write

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The power plays at work and how to spot them and what to do about them

A power play is an attempt to gain an advantage by showing that you are more powerful than another person or organization, for example in a business relationship or negotiation. They is so ingrained

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3wh fun and play

How successful leaders create a fun culture and why it matters

Work is hard. Hard work leads to success. Slave to work. It's a dog eat dog world.  These attitudes don't make me want to jump out of bed and skip to work each day. Thankfully attitudes are changing

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Why trust is the foundation of success

Teams can exist in many formats, but successful teams can only truly exist where there is trust. The Case for Trust When there is real trust within a team, our brains operate in a completely

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How Senior Teams trump Boards everytime

"I just want people to take accountability for results" "Why can't people just work together to find solutions instead of always pushing upwards?" These are common frustrations that are felt by new

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