Why savvy leaders use group coaching

Leaders as coaches

Leaders who coach their teams towards solutions and action have a leadership edge. They refuse to run meetings where they do all of the talking, find all of the solutions and make all of the decisions. Instead, they choose to facilitate collaborative, engaging meetings which focus on co-creating the solutions. They lead as coach, not manager.

Team coaching works on the principle that each session a “topic” is placed on the table and as a group, guided by a coach, the topic is explored and is outcome based.

We work in the Framework of TEGROW.

T – The topic. Gain clarity over what really is the issue.

E – Explore. What are the blocks and barriers, strengths and opportunities.

G – Goal. What is the outcome, the prize. Get clarity that everyone is on the same page.

R – Related. Is it realistic? Is it related to the overall vision, values and objectives?

O – Options. What is possible? Brainstorming and open minds.

W – Will. What will work? What will be decided? What will you commit to?

When the team know how to do team coaching, it just becomes the way you do things. It becomes the culture. All problems are framed early, put on the table and discussed. No more elephants in the room.

We have run mediation style sessions to resolve conflict, but we recommend embedding the practice over 6 sessions. During the 6 x 1.5 hour sessions, members will decide on an overarching topic and work proactively to solve the issues and create action, or bring new topics each session. At the end of each session, members will take accountability for what has been agreed and move into action. I will ask, who is doing what by when.

Then, after the sessions, the team, and the leader, will be skilled in doing these sessions for themselves. By participating, they learn and then embed the skills.

Each member will then be asked to report back on progress using a template prior to the session. We will then reflect on successes, barriers and further work, before moving into the session.

I recommend fortnightly or monthly sessions.

The Problem

There is an issue. You call a meeting. You introduce the topic, give your ideas and then ask others to come up with ideas. And nothing really changes. The problem is that either you have already given to much, too early, and everyone then follows you lead or...

You haven't really got to the heart of the problem. You are all focusing on the superficial, resulting in superficial solutions. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a team who, together, get to the real issues and then find bold, transformative and innovative ideas together. They own the solutions. They feel invested in the success. They are engaged and motivated to succeed.

The Solution

Monthly team coaching sessions, facilitated by a skilled coach. Members bring a topic to the table and the group decides which topic to focus on. During the 1.5 hours, the members will explore the real root cause of the issues. They will explore options and together commit to action. The coach holds each member accountable for their contribution and subsequent action. The sessions are founded on the values of trust, collaboration, forward focus and action. Results are astonishing and the team not only align around priorities, they feel a sense of belonging, ownership and a desire to succeed.

If you want to explore Team Coaching as part of your work culture, get in touch.