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Being in the discomfort of feedback

Last night I watched England and Denmark in the Euro Semi finals. One word sums up the match - tense.If you watched it, you will know exactly what I mean. I was in a constant state of discomfort, unease

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7 benefits leaders find by choosing to have the tough conversations

The leadership development programmes we run are completely bespoke. One module that always gets selected by leaders is feedback. They know it's important, but can't seem to nail it, because at first it

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Essential Feedback – even remote

ARE YOU GIVING STRUCTURED FEEDBACK? Feedback gets messy when there is lack of clarity over what good should look like, or confusion around deadlines, roles and responsibilities or structure. This is

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How great leaders encourage a speak up culture

If there is one topic that I work with time and again with my clients, it's this - creating an open, honest and transparent culture. On the surface they may appear to have an open culture - sharing

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Why coaching could be the best investment for Generation X Leaders

Leader X is coming into their own. Generation X may only account for 20% of the workforce, but they have taken 51% of the leadership roles. They are the start up masters and want to make a difference.

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