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fear and blame kill performance

The worst behaviours of bad bosses revealed

You’d think with over 50 years of brilliant management education and more and more resources for leadership and management training that we would have eradicated the bass boss problem. Yet in 2019 we

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Do leaders really need a coach?

I get asked about the benefits of coaching all of the time, and the answer is as varied as the types of coaching professionals out there.  10 years ago, the main reason for hiring a coach within your

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How to be a hero

I wonder how many people quit before they succeed. I see so many people quit before they even start, which is a tragedy, but those that quit after they have made the mental change is so sad.  I have this

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The fragility of Championing

Through my work, I absorb myself in various groups, blogs, facebook pages and movements and I am frequently inspired by the positivity and championing that naturally occurs.  We all know the benefits

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Why group coaching works?

Coaching individual clients is an action orientated, life transforming, journey which requires commitment from both the client and the coach.  The beauty of that is, within the alliance between the

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