How to be a hero

I wonder how many people quit before they succeed. I see so many people quit before they even start, which is a tragedy, but those that quit after they have made the mental change is so sad.  I have this huge desire to whisper in their ear,

Don’t give up


I know it is our logic and rationality that is over ruling our heart and passion, and when that self talk, or advice from others reinforces your own saboteurs, your heart doesn’t stand a chance.  So how do you know when it is time to quit?

You don’t!

The books we read, films we love, people we admire often have one thing in common.

They didn’t quit

Think of a story, Aladdin, Cinderella, Star Wars, or any hero in real life you admire.  What you find is that all heroes start off living their ordinary lives, being content and stable until something comes along and throws them of balance. This maybe a curious person, a thought, an invitation, an   Inspiration or an event.  Now they could have ignored it and carried on with their contested life, or they could cease the opportunity to do something different.

As they they begin their change journey, the world looks unfamiliar, challenging or danger presents itself. The hero persists, through passion, heart and often with a little help from their friends.

Then comes the despair, the point in which everything seems hopeless. To quit now and give in, won’t return them to their stable world because everything has changed! They have changed, but going on seems hopeless.

Those that have the strength, will, support and maybe stubbornness, to continue and beat their enemy, physical emotional or inner enemy, become the hero.  They triumph and are changed in the process. They often appear wiser, stronger or more responsible.  They may have learned compassion, empathy, determination. Just think of the wizard of oz and the tin man, lion or scarecrow. Even Dorothy had to find her truth to go home.

So in those moments of despair, or hopelessness, when you mind wants you to quit, just try to go a little bit longer, a little bit further, a little bit more.

Dont give in, be the hero in your own life.