Business – start at the beginning

Have you ever been on a path and then got completely lost?  Yes me too.

I have been walking round a maze and I think I have now found the exit.  Ironically I have found myself at the beginning again.

Back in January I brainstormed my Business Plan.  I identified the 3 core groups that I felt passionate about working with.

  • Women Professionals
  • Sole traders/Partners in their first 2 years of business
  • SME’s and Corporates

I even knew which products to deliver to each group.

  • Leadership and Development
  • Consultancy
  • Business bootcamps
  • Finding your business within

So I have been running around busy getting everything sorted and everything moving in the right direction but feeling like I was treading water.

Today I woke up with a moment of clarity, I had been brainstorming with myself for the last month and my saboteurs had been creeping in to distract me from my passions.

I am here to help you build the best professional lives you can.  I have more faith in you than you know.

I am so excited to be back on track again.

I can see clearly now the rain has gone……