The worst career advice I ever had

I was chatting to a client the other day and he told me of a goal he had in his twenties that sent him on a path that took him away from his passions and chased the money.

always earn more than you age

Wow, I remember being told that in my twenties too, and yes it got stuck in my head too.  That career advice actually came from my manager. I guess she thought she was doing me a favour, imparting her career wisdom on me.  I think I was 22 and earning £15k as a Call Centre Supervisor at the time.  I remember feeling an absolute failure, even though I had been proud of my achievements up until that point.  That feeling of failure changed something with in me and I pushed ahead to start chasing the money.  Suffice to say I became even more ambitious than I already was.  Yet I was ambitious in pursuit of the wrong goal.  Sure, by the time I was 26 I was earning £26k, so I felt like I had achieved something, and by the time I was 35 I was doubling my age…

Was that great career advice?

Now I look back and think what a stupid goal to have.  Basing your success on inflation and deflation rates is dumb.  Only applying for jobs because of the salary is dumb too.  Careers tend to have peaks and troughs and wind and bend.  It is never linear.  Some jobs pay peanuts, but you learn you biggest lessons which help unlock future capabilities.  Others pay well but you feel like you have sold your soul for the ££££.

Some of the poorest people financially are the richest in other ways, and vice versa.