How LeaderX focuses on results

GenerationX and the Xennial leader is is primed and ready to take the senior leadership roles. They think and feel differently about life and work than their older Boomer mentors, and as such they are changing the way businesses are run.

In our research, purpose, vision and mission ranked highest across all generations when creating a company culture. Xennial Leaders (1977-1985) ranked results, success and achievement as a close second. Equal second was the need for trust, openness and honesty. We dived into the research some more to get more insight and meaning and leaned what really drive leaderX.

LeaderX wants results because they are purpose driven. They have the vision to make an impact and to make a difference which is translated into tangible goals and objectives. They become frustrated when others speak of vision then fail to deliver. This screams out lack of integrity and substance which they simply don't have time or respect for. They detest those who only focus on goals, without articulating the purpose - the why.

They admire people who dream big, are courageous and bold, then deliver. They cited their leadership heroes as Mandela, Richard Branson, both Obamas, Gandhi and Thatcher, all whom visioned and delivered with courage.

Millennials valued trust as their number 1 need within a culture, followed by the need to be creativity and innovative. Results, success and achievement ranked mid table, behind being kind and caring. They want to be part of something, to belong and to contribute, not just for the result, but for the experience.

An interesting insight was their lack of role models. Few were able to name a leadership hero, and when pressed names such as Mallala Youseff, Mark Zuckerber came up, some said their parents. Perhaps it’s because the celebrities in the millennial world are just that - celebrities - famous for being famous. Others have suggested that the successful role models have risen quickly, without a purpose, struggle or vision, overnight success stories that seem to god to be true. 

It's time for LeaderX to step up, lead and to inspire the next generation.

6 ways LeaderX focuses on results and engages their team


Set clear goals and focus

A leaderX organisation is focused on the result. They set their goals for the year and don’t take their eye off the ball. They have meetings, but only if essential. They like to focus on the topic at hand and hate time wasting. At the end of the meeting they get clear on who is doing what by when. And they hold others accountable for delivering what they say they will deliver.


Work hard and play hard for a purpose

LeaderX is typical of the work hard, play hard generation. They want results and to deliver what they set out to achieve, and become frustrated when things don’t move with purpose or momentum. They want to achieve, succeed, deliver then go and have fun. They create short cuts and hacks, use systems or their networks to get shit done, then move on to the other parts of their life that really matter. They don’t want to get results simply to say they have accomplished great things. They do it because they are on a mission to have a positive contribution in all aspects of their lives, work and play.


Full on experience of life

It can be exhausting for LeaderX. They are always on. Work life balance has turned into work life integration. They are not separate worlds now. They will be working whilst on the school run, at sports day, whilst out with their friends. Whilst at work, they’ll being contact with their outside life, organising plans and logging on to do the weekly shop. Life hacks, always on culture with the aim to maximise every hour. Success and achievement is maximising life, even if it’s leading to burn out.


Smell the roses

​Slow down, smell the roses and take a moment to breathe. This is what I find myself saying again and again to LeaderX. I often share the story of Sisyphus, punished for eternity by rolling an immense boulder up a hill, only for it to roll down again. Because there is always work to be done, the next problem, new idea or project, it’s easy for LeaderX to forget to celebrate the successes along the way. Their autonomous, results focused nature can lead them to forget the people, hearts and minds for which they want to lean into. They may prioritise doing over being, after being conditioned as a self-starter from youth. Their team can be their biggest support and remind them to slow down and simply connect with them and with themselves.


Praise where it's due

Where LeaderX forgets to reflect on their own successes and achievements, they do champion others. They love to see others doing well and share that love with them. They are generous in their praise and feel immense joy when they see someone grow in confidence or ability. That’s why they are great empowerers and developers. Where their results focus can drive them, it’s their sense of achievement that gives meaning. It has a different edge to it.

Achievement feels more personal. A sense of achievement embodies all aspects of their lives. As they see what they have accomplished


Always reflecting on delivery

Because LeaderX is passionate about delivering results, but building teams and cooperating, they always reflect on how the project or plans are going. They review, monitor and engage with their teams to give and receive feedback on performance. They look for ways to improve personally and professionally and while asking powerful questions, inspire others to do the same. Continuous improvement is central to LeaderX's approach to success.