When you have to come up with all of the ideas

You know you've got a problem

One of the biggest blocks and barriers to healthy, high performing businesses is that not enough people are willing to take the risk to share new ideas, new innovations and to be bold in their thinking.

The business world is changing so rapidly that we see as possible right now was never even imagined five years ago, even a year ago. The rate of change is fast and therefore we need leaders to create the safety where team members can think quickly and always be focused on finding solutions. We need leaders who create trust, so their people can speak up when things are going off track.

If people are afraid of speaking up, of being knocked down or belittled you limit their best thinking. What you actually get is a diminished business, a team of diminished ideas and a rush to mediocrity

When people feel afraid that they will be shamed, or ridiculed for trying something new trying, then they're more likely to stop speaking. They feel suppressed. They will look to you to make all the decisions and that's exhausting for any leader. Your best people have their best thinking when they are feeling safe and when there is trust.


How can you get the best ideas when your culture is shutting them down?


The best you can expect is simply the status quo group thing or mediocrity. As a leader. It is your role to invite, encourage and expand people's best thinking.


No idea is a bad idea.


Yes, you can still make the tough decisions and be the ultimate decision maker,  but when get your smartest minds,  your best thinkers around the table to come up with most innovative ground breaking ideas, your decisions will be smarter.