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Leading GenZ – lessons by a GenX parent

Leading GenZ I love GenZ. As a GenX parent of GenZ kids I am so excited by the future that they will create. They are louder, more outspoken, more politically and globally aware than we ever were

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The puzzle of team dynamics

The puzzle Teamwork is a puzzle that is constantly changing. Pieces move, grow, shrink, behaviours and attitudes evolve. It is easy to think a functioning team will remain so.In my experience

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3wg coaching leadership

What kind of coach do you need today?

With so many people calling themselves a coach it is hard to know who to choose and why you even need one. Read on to learn more.

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Humble or self-assured. Which leader is best?

Back in the day, the archetype of a great leader was bold, brave, confident, directing, in charge. Yet, here in the 21st century we hear that people thrive and perform better when they have a leader who

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The best leadership examples this week

Leadership in practice What does a leader look like right now? (and always)I got out of covid jail last week and started catching up with clients, peers and colleagues. It was great to reconnect

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