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How attractive are you as a leader?

I could not have imagined the workplace of today as I soon my first job after graduating back in 1998.  Back then we still had fax machines, fixed hours and we had our own desk.  Working from home was

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Do leaders really need a coach?

I get asked about the benefits of coaching all of the time, and the answer is as varied as the types of coaching professionals out there.  10 years ago, the main reason for hiring a coach within your

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How to destroy your Kingdom – a fable

Once upon a time there was a large kingdom that was big and powerful.  So powerful and big that it became slow, resistant to change and extremely inefficient in delivering what it was designed to do to

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Leadership Beyond Measure

Last night I had the privilege of celebrating the book launch Leadership beyond measure. This wasn’t your standard book launch I might add.  Sure there were readings and thanks and gratitude, but

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Have you grown up enough for work?

Do you sometimes go into the office, or meet a group of colleagues and feel that you are still in the school playground?  I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard people say It’s

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