Attract and Retain Talent to grow your business

Attract the right people

How attractive are you?


It takes a lot of effort to attract and recruit people to your company, not to mention the cost that is usually associated with recruitment. Imagine how great life would be if top people were flocking to you for work? You don’t need to be on the Sunday Times top 100 companies list to make this happen. You just have to create a workplace that people would enjoy working in and have a magnetic employment brand.

Companies looking to recruit and attract talent are now competing on a global scale.  To stay in the competition, companies must start thinking less about job roles and more about employer brands and reputation, and the changing views of careers and development.

Your employer brand is the way you are perceived by prospective candidates and current and former employees. Not only to you need to shout about how fabulous it is to work for you, you need to walk the talk, and put policy into practice, so your people shout too.

Without the talent, businesses will find it difficult to grow their business in the future.  In the next 10 years, the millennials will make up 75% of the workforce, so companies that fail to adapt to their needs will likely be on the losing end when it comes to attracting the talent they need.

Know what makes them tick

web5Do you know who your ideal candidate really is?  What kind of personality are they?  What are their interests and what do they believe about work?  What is important to them?  What do they believe and value?

If you don’t know, then how are you ever going to attract them?  We will help you identify what it is you are really looking for and then help you create a culture where they would want to work.  We understand the millennial and their attitudes to work and career.

We can work closely with your business to identify barriers to recruiting talent and help you to adapt and change your processes, policies, leadership skills, values and culture.


New Research confirms that the what the millennial talent values most is not pay and job title, but more holistic.

  • Employer Reputation and social responsibility
  • Evidenced career progression
  • Diversity and inclusion in practice, not just policy
  • Training, development and job crafting
  • Flexible working, performance over presence
  • Leadership – inspirational, visionary, authentic and empowering
  • Collaborative working

Work with us to help you create a culture where you would really love to work.

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