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Co-Creating in Leadership

We often think of collaboration as two separate entities working together to achieve something together.  It often feels forced and maybe uncomfortable at times.  Co-Creating is different, it has a different

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What is Everything DiSC workplace?

Everything DiSC Workplace profile helps your team to connect, understand and build strong working relationships.  We start with an individual and create a full workshop to help your team develop and form. Save

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Collaboration – the rising philosophy

Collaboration, the new business mind set Back when I started my career, some twenty years ago, I was told some facts about work that I held as truth. Work was hard, it was a dog eat dog world and I was

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Intimidating or misunderstanding?

Intimidating Managers This week I attended a presentation on dignity in the workplace hosted by MFG solicitors.  We discussed the legal position of bullying and harassment and the impact individuals

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Embracing the masculine and feminine

The conversations about gender equality in the workplace continue to increase, and women have never been in a stronger position to lead, change and shape the economical, social and political landscape.

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