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The worst career advice I ever had

I was chatting to a client the other day and he told me of a goal he had in his twenties that sent him on a path that took him away from his passions and chased the money. always earn more than you age Wow,

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Empower yourself and you empower the world

I get so passionate about why I believe empowering others, supporting and lifting each other is so important.  I often get so stuck in articulating it because there are too many connections, causes and

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Move over Gen X- the millenials have arrived!

Have you noticed what is happening out there.  The pre recession frivolity, selfishness and greed is being looked back on as a piece of history.  We look back and think, “How stupid were they?”. 

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How to empower?

Empower is a buzz word.  It has been doing the rounds for a few years now and we all know that great leaders empower, great companies empower their staff and we are better parents when we empower our

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Doing v.s. Being – can we be both?

We are all complex, unique, brilliantly talented individuals.  One moment we are spontaneous, the next we maybe reflective, we can have moments of muddle, and the next be extremely focused.  This is

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