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What employee engagement is not

Employee engagement has been buzzing around for the past 20 years and has so many interpretations it is easy to get a little confused by the topic. Employee engagement is not a perk, a benefit scheme

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How successful leaders create a fun culture and why it matters

Work is hard. Hard work leads to success. Slave to work. It's a dog eat dog world. These attitudes don't make me want to jump out of bed and skip to work each day. Thankfully attitudes are changing

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How LeaderX focuses on results

GenerationX and the Xennial leader is is primed and ready to take the senior leadership roles. They think and feel differently about life and work than their older Boomer mentors, and as such they

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Understand the brain to unlock human capability in your business

We work with a range of leaders and industries. Some are what you would call left sided brains, others are on the right. What we often see in engineering, manufacturing and operational based companies

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The 5 biggest employee engagement mistakes you don’t want to make

Employee engagement (EE) has now become vanilla. It is so common and regurgitated everywhere that many people are simply missing the point and making big mistakes. So the theory is sound. 87% of employees

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