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It’s funny how some songs, quotes or people manage to motivate us without effort. Every time I feel like quitting, I hear my personal trainer singing NOT GIVING IN over the mic in our spin class. When

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How to be a hero

I wonder how many people quit before they succeed. I see so many people quit before they even start, which is a tragedy, but those that quit after they have made the mental change is so sad.  I have this

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Empower yourself and you empower the world

I get so passionate about why I believe empowering others, supporting and lifting each other is so important.  I often get so stuck in articulating it because there are too many connections, causes and

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The pain reaction

My daughter and I love to sit and watch a programme on the BBC called “Call the midwife“. It’s a wholehearted, back to basics series where you inevitably meet the physical pain of childbirth

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Embracing Vulnerability

What does vulnerability mean to you?  Take a minute to think about it. I remember the moment that I realised that most of my coping mechanisms in my life were to stop my feelings of vulnerability.  Vulnerability

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