It’s funny how some songs, quotes or people manage to motivate us without effort. Every time I feel like quitting, I hear my personal trainer singing NOT GIVING IN over the mic in our spin class.

When I feel drained and exhausted I always manage to find a little more energy, muscle power and focus just by hearing that play in my head.

Watching the Tour de France today arriving in Sheffield, I wondered how much inner strength they must have found when faced with a treacherous climb in the last 5 km. I was in awe of them all, and how they find their determination and strength.

Then I realised that this was their passion, their goal, their journey. This is what it was all about for them right now. Living in the present. The NOW.

When the road seems long, we need the end goal in mind, but importantly we need to focus on the NOW. Not giving in to distractions, niggles, self doubt or lack of focus. When you know where you are heading, NOT GIVING IN becomes a goal each day, hour and second.

I challenge you to find your purpose and don’t give in.