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Do leaders really need a coach?

I get asked about the benefits of coaching all of the time, and the answer is as varied as the types of coaching professionals out there.  10 years ago, the main reason for hiring a coach within your

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Performance starts with ME

It is easy to get lost in all of the research, Ted Talks, models and business books when attempting to find a solution to increase performance.  Everyday there are new words or jargon trying to say the

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A real life leadership story

Over the last few months I have had the pleasure to observe a Leader that demonstrates so many of the Leadership practices and behaviours that I help clients develop. It has been a pleasure to observe

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Write the next chapter

You know the old adage If you keep doing the same things you will keep getting the same results I wonder how often you have got stuck on the same page of your own biography.  We all do from time to time,

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Developing careers. How to be a career crafting leader.

Job profiles are at the heart of any recruitment and people management process. In fact I absolutely agree that as an effective manager you will need to scope out what needs to be done and what kind of

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