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Acknowledge your niche and love your clients

Starting your own business is daunting, especially when you search linkedin or google and see so many other small business doing exactly what you are creating. Doubt creeps in a lot, why would anyone want

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Survival of the fittest. 5 ways to thrive in business.

20th century capitalism was built on the foundations of survival of the fittest.  As a social scientist I have always been intrigued by how belief systems evolve and structure our education, politics

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It’s funny how some songs, quotes or people manage to motivate us without effort. Every time I feel like quitting, I hear my personal trainer singing NOT GIVING IN over the mic in our spin class. When

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Why does leadership matter?

In western cultures we love to create leaders.  We have leadership programmes in schools, colleges and the workplace, yet there is still confusion as to what is a leader and why does it matter. What we

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Empower yourself and you empower the world

I get so passionate about why I believe empowering others, supporting and lifting each other is so important.  I often get so stuck in articulating it because there are too many connections, causes and

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