Acknowledge your niche and love your clients

Starting your own business is daunting, especially when you search linkedin or google and see so many other small business doing exactly what you are creating. Doubt creeps in a lot, why would anyone want to work with me when there are so many competitors?

Then in moments of clarity I remember the simple fact that one company doesn’t suit all. I am unique, my skills are unique and my clients are unique. My job title might suggest I am the same as all of the rest, but my clients know that I am different.

So today I am acknowledging and celebrating my niche.


So what is my niche? I work with open minded, innovative, creative and target centred people that like to get results. General demographic are 25 to 50, but it is more about attitude to life rather than age. The thing my clients have is that they know that they have talent, they recognise the talent in others and want to harness it. They are open to new ideas and breaking old habits and beliefs to create a new way to lead and perform professionally.

They also understand the science, the neuroplastcity of our brains and how we can change the way we think, feel and behave, to be more effective.

They want work and play to be a joint venture and not mutually exclusive. My clients know that working the conventional 9-5 isn’t for them and want flexibility, creativity and autonomy in their lives, and empower their staff to have the same.

I guess my clients see how I lead my life and know I will “get” them too.

So what results have I had so far?

Well the feedback is phenomenal, which is why I know I am working so well with my niche.

since we have worked together I have more focus and clarity in what I want to achieve and how I am going to achieve it

your coaching has helped me believe in my strengths and has created opportunities for me to move ahead

I now know how to be more effective in what I do

since working together I know everyone should get a coach. I am on track and making great decisions

So today I am just loving my clients and loving my work.